About Us

Slim Therapy Ltd Mombasa (STLM) is a cosmetic beauty and health spa based in Mombasa. Our business includes body cosmetic slimming treatments, beauty treatments, massage treatments and retail of beauty products.

We apply modern revolutionary Electrotherapy techniques which are non-invasive and pain free. Our slimming machine involves electronic muscle stimulation which simulate normal exercise done by your muscles. For example, the machine can imitate crunches, situps, legups etc. The machine works your muscles in the same way you would do if you were doing conventional exercise, but with no physical strain on your part. The difference between the machine and normal exercise being that the machine does it at a much higher rate, i.e A one-hour session equates to approximately 1,200 sit-ups.

While the electrotherapy treatment is practically safe, there are instances when one does not qualify for the treatment. For example, pregnant mums, or people suffering from heart problems (Palpitations or a pacemaker ). Otherwise there are NO risks involved. There is nothing radiated into your body or ingested.

It is more beneficial than normal exercise because you can do target weight loss (e.g. if you want to lose inches around your tummy area that is what we shall concentrate on) and it gives much faster results than a gym (lose between 5-10 kgs per month)

We also give a holistic approach to the weight loss by combining it with a diet plan that is geared towards rasing your metabolism and reducing your fat intake. There is also no harm in combining this treatment with normal gym exercises.

For more information, please feel free to visit us at 2nd floor, City Mall,Nyali – Mombasa. Our team will be ready to assist you.