About Us

If you are familiar with Iranian food, then you should definitely make the time to gather friends and family and head over to the City Mall Nyali food court for the best Iranian cuisine in Mombasa at Sinbad!
On the other hand, If you aren’t familiar with Iranian food, then I urge you to give it a try sooner rather than later.
Located at the far end of the City Mall Nyali Food Court, this authentic little establishment has fast made a name for itself among frequent shoppers at the mall and also with tourists looking to experience something exotic.
Sinbad Caters to both Vegetarians and Non vegetarian diners with their menu offerings falling nothing short of fantastic.
With good quality cuts, tender to the taste and well marinated, for a non-vegetarian dish we insist that you try the “Shishlik” (Lamb Chops), served with grilled tomato, meat sauce, fresh mixed salad, special yogurt, tandoori bread and rice (or chips).
But if you’re truly set on a hearty meal, it’s only fair we share our favourite non vegetarian dish, the Bakhtyari Kebab (mix of boneless chicken and tender beef pieces) grilled and lightly seasoned with delightfully fragrant spices and served with tandoori bread, rice, mixed salad and a grilled tomato.
This dish offers you a taste experience unrivalled by any other meat dish on their menu. You need not worry about service at Sinbad as it is quick and orders placed are served within 10-15 minutes thereafter.
The staff are curt and attentive, the food being delicious just heightens the overall experience one has at Sinbad!
Sinbad is a place that does a whole lot of things right and is definitely a dining destination that you and your family must give a try.
Make the time to pass by the food court at City Mall Nyali and explore the exotic menu that Sinbad have.

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