Notice Board Rates

Notice Board.
This is by placing an ad on our very popular notice board. This notice board is highly visible and located on the ground floor. Ads placed on this board range from houses for sale or let, motor vehicles for sale, household goods for sale, upcoming events, and job seekers looking for placement. The rates for this notice board are calculated by the size of the ad and the duration it is intended to be displayed. Payment for notice board ads is done at City Mall Management Office on the 2nd floor where an official receipt will be issued.

  Advert size

Advert charges




1000/- per advert

1 week
2. A2

800/- per advert

1 week
3. A3

600/- per advert

1 week
4. A4 400/- per advert 1 week
5. A5 200/- per advert 1 week

Notice Board Terms & Conditions.

  •  Ads will be charged strictly according to the above sizes.
  • A3, A2, & A1 ads will be accepted subject to availability of space.
  • Ads advertising any goods or services offered by tenants of City Mall will not be accepted.
  • The management reserves the right to reject ads with inappropriate content.
  • Expired ads will only be stored for a period of 2 weeks from date of expiry and thereafter disposed of.

For any enquiries regarding advertising at City Mall, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0711-415415.