About Us

At Noor Opticians we strive to achieve perfection. Established in 1976 at Ambalal House and moved to Nakumatt Nyali premises in 2002 now CITY MALL

We firmly believe in quality and thus strive to offer high top end quality ophthalmic lenses, sunglasses and frames at very affordable prices.

We offer top brands of optical frame and sunglasses such as GUCCI, CARRERA, HUGO BOSS, LEONARDO MAUIJIM and many more.

Our range of optical lenses comprises of single vision, bifocal and progressive in white, transition and polarized materials.

We specialize in freeform progressive lenses (new generation progressive lenses)

  • MONDAY TO SATURDAY 10.00 AM – 6.00PM SUNDAY 11.00 AM TO 1.00PM
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