About us

Kava is an intuitive, integrated financial services platform that features products and functionalities currently only available as stand-alone offerings, providing a one stop financial supermarket for end consumers. Founded in 2014, we aim to demolish the barriers to financial inclusion for Africa’s underserved consumers and informal economy.

Today over 300,000 individuals and organizations are enjoying the convenience and variety of our all-in one platform to borrow, insure, bank and pay bills. For Financial Providers, Kava enables Turnkey Distribution with ZERO extra investment in infrastructure and tech.

Our multi-lender credit platform enables lenders to SAFELY & PROFITABLY deploy their balance sheets to loan the over 500M underserved in Africa using unprecedented combination of consumer financial behavior and alternative data for credit scoring. Kava is part of the 16year old ATOM Group of companies with interests in Financial Services, Insurance and Consulting.


Mobile Money, Small Business Loans, Personal Loans, Bill Payments, Money Transfer, Insurance and Universal Agency

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