About Us

Healthy U 2000 Ltd has been in operation since 1984, starting off as a small family business. The company’s main goal is to institute a healthy lifestyle for its clients, by way of supply of healthy goods and information on healthy living. Healthy U boasts of being the first in East Africa to introduce products that are geared towards leading a healthy lifestyle. The company has managed to understand fully the general retail trends in Kenya, thus ensuring we are always years ahead of any potential competitors.

The brand ‘HEALTHY U’ has evolved tremendously over the years, and developed a value that consumers can relate to and believe in. There are strategic plans of eventually getting products and services under this brand name.

The retail department has been on a growth path, with a minimum of three branches being opened per year since 2008. The company’s vision is to open at least four branches per year across the East African region and the continent as a whole, in the next five years.

Healthy U targets consumers of all walks of life and ages, with the aim of providing the best at an affordable price.

At the retail shops, you will find food supplements ranging from vitamins, body building products to herbs. We also have a wide variety of speciality foods like gluten free and lactose free, whole foods, cereals, dried fruits, seeds, baby foods and natural cosmetics.

The department also has a section that specializes in gift ware in the bigger shops; that is Sarit and Yaya. The aim of having a gift section is to add the concept of holistic lifestyle to our clients, so as to complete the whole approach of leading a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle. The gift items include scented candles, candle handles, vases, lanterns, lamp shades, artificial fountains, wall art etc.

Healthy U’s retail outlets serve and average of 1000 customers per day. The company imports and sells 90% of its products, with co-ordination from offices in London, Dubai and China.

  • Daisy Kagendo
  • Mondays to Saturdays, 9.00am to 8.00pm, Sundays and Public Holidays, 10.00am to 7.00pm
  • 0700 267982