About Us

The name Glitz and Glam describes exactly what our boutique can give you. We cater for everyone’s needs Ranging from all sorts of jewellery, like necklaces, rings, earrings, watches, bangles and bracelets and much more. Along with hand bags, wallets, heels and shoes.. You can always be sure to be able to match up a beautiful handbag with a gorgeous pair of shoes and some glamorous dazzling jewels to go!! we also have MAC Make up, suiting all skin types and colours you will love! Clothes for both men and women and a huge variety of children’s items… From bags for school, stationary, footwear, toys and baby sets!

Our items are individually handpicked. We spend our time making sure we always think about you and what you need and we only have one of a kind pieces always giving our clients originality and great value for money.. Whatever you buy… It will be ONLY YOU that has it.

When you walk into our store we know you will like what you see for its uniqueness and quality. For the great spoilt for choice you have and the way you can spend your time dazzled and amazed at every item!! Not once, but every time you come in.

In today’s world each one of us wants to have the latest style the latest fashion and always be with the trend. Glitz and Glam gives you a chance and the opportunity to do that and with the regular choice and always bringing in new designs in everything we have, you will feel no choice but to keep coming back..

Our regular clients are always happy when they leave the shop as they know what they have purchased was worth every moment of their time they spent in the shop.

The service we give our clients is our number 1 priority and we guarantee you service with a smile always.

  • Dipali Shah.
  • Mon- Sun 9am – 7 am