Comfort Palace

About Us

Comfort Palace is a massage zone where we use modern massage chairs to give our customer full body massage. It’s one of its kinds in Kenya. Comfort Palace provides clients with the strongest benefits in the profession. Our specialized massage chair sets up is very comfortable. Our clients remain fully clothed, no oils or lotions are used. Our focus is on relaxation, the key areas of tension in the back, neck, shoulders, arms and legs.
Our work
Stress reduction is the most obvious benefit of massage therapy. Stress is at the root of many of today’s health problems. Managing stress appropriately may prevent upsetting the body’s delicate balance which can give rise to disease.
Massage therapy is effective in the treatment of several specific problems,
• Headache
• Neck and shoulder pain
• Low back pain
• Sports injuries
• Arthritis
• Muscle spasm, strain, sprain
• Boosting immunity and raise alert awareness
• Improve pain
• Curb headache
• Reduce inflammation
• Insomnia
We believe that massage is not a luxury; it is body maintenance, pure and simple. Regular massage goes a long way toward helping individuals take care of themselves and manage the side effects of life. Massage should be part of life
We offer membership cards and services at reduced rates to our frequent customers. Our charges range between 500-1000 for VIP chairs.

  • Mobile NO:0723 237 073