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Welcome to Blush Skin Care Beauty Centre!
Blush Skin Care Beauty Centre has been in operation since 2002.
Exclusively trained in Dermalogica professional grade products, our skin care experts will help treat your skin concerns and jump start your healthy skin regimen today! Beauty editors, celebrities and consumers worldwide trust this amazing products and advanced skin services for healthy, beautiful skin.
With a complete line of skin care products that treat a wide range of skin concerns, such as acne, aging and dryness, Dermalogica is a leader in sophisticated skin care. Their effective formulations restore health, youth and beauty to all skin types.

Beside our exclusive result-driven skin services we also offer our new up to date technologies and treatments which been carefully researched: SEMI-PERMANENT MASCARA, EYELASH EXTENSIONS, STRAND BY STRAND HAIR EXTENSIONS, SCULPTURED NAILS, GEL POLISH (SHELLAC), HAIRSTYLING, BODY MASSAGE, MANICURE, PEDICURE, WAXING and more.

Our recently introduced Gel Polish (Shellac)! Gel Polish Manicure and Gel Polish Pedicure have proven to be major success!

Gel Polish manicures and pedicures are cost effective in the long run as it lasts longer than the normal manicure and pedicure. Gel Polish is a cross between traditional nail polish and gel nails. It is applied like nail polish but it dries like gel. It lasts for over 25 days and does not chip or smudge and does not lose its shine and shimmer. For over 25 days, your hands and feet look as if you have just come out from salon with a manicure and pedicure.

Gel Polish manicures and pedicures do much more for your nails than just looking good. Many women have noticed that Gel Polish colour makes your nails stronger, refined and healthier. Gel Polish is smudge proof nail colour and chip proof nail colour!

Semi-Permanent Mascara is new cosmetic market in Europe and the world. Semi-Permanent Mascara has been created with the highest quality products and therefore hit marched into cosmetic surgeries. Semi-Permanent Mascara, is completely safe for eyelashes. Ones applied it lasts up to 4 weeks. Helps you achieve the desired effect of dense, long, deep black lashes 24 hours a day, in any place and in any situation: in the sauna, the swimming pool, in the gym, in the shower, at the wedding, at the beach, on a dream vacation, skiing, jogging, at work, at home, at a party is simply everywhere, and non-stop for 3-4 weeks. Same you can choose what effect you want: naturally make up eyelashes, tighter underlined or bold very strongly. Designed for every woman – anytime – anywhere!

Visit our Blush Skin Care Beauty Centre ( for more innovations of the highest quality standards.

We are confident that we are offering our clients the best and latest available treatments on the market at the best price. Our highly trained and professional team is friendly and approachable and is always on hand to offer free advice or free private consultation can be arranged.

We are sure you will find our prices very competitive and assure our clients that they will be treated in a professional manner at all times.

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