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So I was recently in Mombasa and my car’s performance felt a little bit off. Having driven all the way from Nairobi with my boys and was too cheap to buy new spark plugs I decided it was best if I looked for a garage where I could get my car checked. Not desiring to risk my chances to leave the my vehicle to just any mechanic, (I’ve heard to many of those experiences) I decided to go online and search for a professional automotive garage instead of the cultural norm of driving around and looking for a shady shelter with a bunch of people dressed in oil stained overalls waiting for a vehicle to pass by them and crowd the car.
I discovered there was a new Auto Express branch that was opened up recently in City Mall.
So I decided to go there because i’d seen them before in Nairobi but had never visited any.[/cs_text][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section]

I went there and they diagnosed my car where they advised me that it needed an oil change, Tyre change (which clearly I had been ignoring) and my wheels weren’t properly aligned.

They informed me of their ongoing tyre offer which could not have come at better time and was till end of September which I deemed pocket friendly. It come with a guarantee against all road hazards on any tyre purchased, repair or replacement if damaged for the first year, second year cover is 3% of tyre value. And it also come with a free a Safari Check which consisted of the following inspection covers: tyres, suspension, all fluids, battery, lights, wiping system, safety accessories and emergency accessories.

After the service I drove out my Subaru and damn it felt new again. It was a smooth sail to Nairobi not even having to worry about getting a puncture and great service i got from Auto Express.

So there you have it, hope this post was insightful. The next time you’re in Mombasa and want to get your car serviced go to Auto Express City Mall and you’ll get the expertise aid you deserve.

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