Rendezvous At The Chris Brown & Wiz Kid Show

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I like concerts. The ambience of people congregating for the common cause that is live music & recreational intoxication is mind blowing. My girl & I had just broken up a couple of days back & I thought my time pretending to be hurting from the experience was done. I could only be courteous for so long since I had …


Male Shopping Chronicles(I’m The Man)

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I was at the arguably best mall in Mombasa just flipping through a magazine waiting for my “girlfriend” who was shopping & I came across an article that caught my undivided attention. “They” say that a man thinks about sex every seven seconds. It’s even said to be “scientifically proven”. So, as the myth buster and BS annihilator that I …


The Tea Bag Without The String- The New iPhone 7 is here.

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The all awaited Apple Iphone 7 will be coming to an Apple store new you after Apple officially announced the release of both the Iphone 7 and Iphone 7 Plus. Well, the design of the phone isn’t as different as its predecessor the Iphone 6 but has some really jisty updates to match up, or rather counter the Samsung Galaxy …


The New Car Docs In Town

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So I was recently in Mombasa and my car’s performance felt a little bit off. Having driven all the way from Nairobi with my boys and was too cheap to buy new spark plugs I decided it was best if I looked for a garage where I could get my car checked. Not desiring to risk my chances to leave …